At the party.

This is Luna. She needs to empty her menstrual cup
out of home.

Public restroom

She goes to the toilet.

Inside the restroom

In this restroom, the sink is outside the toilet but that's not a problem for her.

Inside Luna’s purse

She has her Emanui so she can clean her cup inside the toilet without problems.

Fill up Emanui with water

Before entering the toilet, Luna fills Emanui with water up to the inner line to ensure a full cleaning. And then she closes it!

Inside the toilet

She enters the toilet.

Hang Emanui

Before removing the cup, Luna hangs her Emanui to the coat hanger thanks to the string. If she can't, she just holds it in her hand.

Remove menstrual cup

Now Luna is ready to remove her menstrual cup.

Empty the menstrual cup

Luna removes her menstrual cup. Before cleaning her menstrual cup with Emanui, she empties blood to the toilet.

Put the menstrual cup

Luna inserts down the stem of her cup between the 3 holders as deep as she can.

Screw the clamping ring

When Luna is sure that the stem is fully inserted, she screws the ring to lock the cup. Then, she cleans her hand with some toilet paper.

Close Emanui

Because the cup is held tight, she can safely insert the cup in the water and screw the lid.

Time to clean the cup

Luna uses her hand to squeeze Emanui, and she puts her thumb in the hollowed space to ensure a full cleaning of her cup. Luna can also shake Emanui to remove the stubborn menstrual blood clots.

Time to empty Emanui

After around 1 minute of cleaning, Luna opens the small orange cap and squeezes out all the water to the toilet.

Open Emanui

When all the water is out, Luna can safely open Emanui.

Luna is ready to use her cup again, or to store it back in Emanui and come back to the party.