Start Your Journey With Menstrual Cups With Emanui!

May 31, 2022

Emanui is a convenient and intuitive device that can make the everyday use of menstrual cups much more comfortable for users all over the world! Our menstrual cup cleaner is not only easy to use – its stylish design and compact size make it easy to carry with you at all times as well! But in order to enjoy its full potential and benefits, you need to find the right cup for you! And this is where our newest product comes in – the Emanui Menstrual Cup.

The Perfect Menstrual Cup To Start With!

We’ve decided to offer our own menstrual cup to address the needs of people who find the idea of switching to more sustainable period hygiene products appealing but don’t really know how to go about actually taking this step. What makes it the perfect first menstrual cup for you? It comes in one size – small, ideal for beginners, especially younger girls who haven’t given birth.

Give Yourself Time to Get Familiar With Using a Menstrual Cup

Finding the right menstrual cup for you is a process that can take time. First, you need to learn more about your body, understand your preferences, and, most importantly, get accustomed to using a cup. Only once you know your own expectations will you be able to look for products capable of meeting them. For this reason, the design of the Emanui menstrual cup is neutral and universal. Instead of going for flashy colours and stylish aesthetics, we’re giving you a transparent cup to learn and practice with – you can always switch to one more to your taste after getting the hang of it.

Why Should You Choose The Emanui Set?

Thanks to our new offer, you no longer have to buy your cup separately. The complete Emanui set consists of our tried and tested cleaner and our new menstrual cup. It’s a perfect choice for first-time users to make the transition from single-use tampons and pads to using a menstrual cup smoother and less daunting. And if you choose to look for another cup after a while, there’s nothing standing in your way - Emanui works perfectly well with most menstrual cup brands currently available!

Ensure Your Comfort With the Emanui Menstrual Cup Cleaner and Steriliser

Although menstrual cups themselves are not a new invention, the idea of using a portable cleaning device to keep them clean in any location or situation is a complete innovation! Thanks to Emanui, you don’t need access to running water to wash your cup – just a little bit of water to fill the cleaner, and that’s it! You can take care of your menstrual cup’s hygiene anywhere but always in privacy and comfort.

Learn to Use a Menstrual Cup With Emanui

Don’t worry if using a menstrual cup seems difficult at first – all it takes is a bit of practice and learning new habits. Give yourself time to get used to it and try a few different application methods to find the option that suits you best. You can wear the Emanui cup for up to eight hours, but if you have heavy periods, you may need to empty the cup more frequently. It’s perfectly safe to use both during your typical daily activities and while sleeping.

Switch to Menstrual Cups and Take Part in the Sustainable Revolution!

Switching to menstrual cups is a simple choice with monumental consequences for your comfort and the environment – a single cup can successfully replace years’ worth of disposable products, effectively reducing the amount of waste you generate in your daily life! But it’s not only the planet that benefits from this change, the same can be said about your wallet! Buying a menstrual cup is not a big investment. Yet it enables you to cut down your monthly expenses as you no longer need to purchase period products regularly – while their cost may not seem like much, it can actually add up to quite a sum over the years.

With Emanui starting your journey with using a menstrual cup will be easy. Our high-quality products will help you keep your comfort and menstrual hygiene at the highest level, even in uncomfortable conditions. Don’t limit yourself during your period, choose solutions that will make your life more comfortable wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!